Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Post # 9

1. It is important to tie technology to the daily science objectives because using an interactive way for students to express themselves or answer questions will ultimately lead to better retention of the concepts that are being taught .The students who are needing extra support with understanding a concept will be able to practice questions with that underlying concept in either a game type format or in a more formal question/answer type format.
2.Students need to understand the accountability factor when working in stations.If clear expectations are not set prior to them visiting the stations, they will not perform up to their personal best expectations and the time allowed for station activities will not be well spent.
3. Several websites that I have used in my classroom to enhance the science classes are Brainpop and a Food chain/food webbing website from www.zephyrus.com.I use Brainpop as a set activity before beginning a lesson . They are short and contain a great quiz at the end of each. These are also great short reviews for workstations for kids that dod not remember a concept or those that need extra reteaching.
4. These are 2 apps that I found that I can use in my classroom.
.ABA Flashcards-Earth Science 
Earth Science flash cards introduce students to a wide variety of science terms and images relating to our beautiful planet earth such as rocks, fossils, waterfalls, volcanos, mountains, seasons, etc. Each image is stimulating and memorable to hold your child’s attention and engage the mind.

Animoto Videos 
Turn the pictures on your iPod Touch into beautiful music videos!

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