Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Post #8

The fifth grade team is very excited to get these devices in our classrooms in the spring.  We have been thinking of many different ways to implement these tools in our classroom. 
Brainstorm list of ways we can implement our new technology tools:
1.  Math workstations
2.  Use as a center for our ELL students
3.  During our iHISTORY unit, students can use iPAD and Mini Dells to create technology based products about their distinguished Americans.
4.  Can be used as a research station for iHISTORY
5.  Download App for cursive writing and use as a station for handwriting practice.
6.  Can be used as an incentive for students on behavior plans
7.  Can be used as a science workstation for kids to have the opportunity to visit interactive science websites.
8.  Used as a tool for our teacher assistants when they are working with students in small group.
9.  Access to more computers will allow teachers to use Today's Meet during lessons across the curriculum.  This will provide students with the opportunity to share learning with one another.

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