Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Post #7

Project Title:  iHISTORY
Objective:  TLW collaborate with a peer from a different class about their distinguished Americans.  Using the research each person has gathered and teacher created documents; TLW will compare and contrast the two Americans. 
When:  We plan to implement this project the month of April to prepare for iHISTORY on May 4th.  In order to implement this collaborative project, the students will have the choice of using the following 21st Century Tools:  Xtranormal, Prezi, Blogger, Weebly, Google Docs, Todays Meet, Voki, Glogster, and any other teacher approved technology based idea. 
Plan:  Time line of iHISTORY:
1.       Introduce the idea in January in social studies.  (Week of January 9th)
2.       Topic is chosen in social studies week of February 6th
3.       Week of February 6th-Week of March 5th -  Research, take notes, write report
4.       Week of March 19th- Week of April 16th- Technology products in social studies class.
5.       Week of April 23rd- April 30th-  Preparing for day of iHISTORY
Due Dates for iHISTORY:
1.        Assign topics Week of February 6th   (SS)
2.       Research Questions and Note Check Week of February 13th     (LA)
3.       Outline Check Week of February 20th  (LA)
4.       Rough Draft Check Week of February 27th  (LA)
5.       Final Copy of Report Due Week of March 5th (LA)           
6.       Product Proposal Due Week of March 5th  (SS)
7.       Presentation of reports/ Connection response in WN Week of March 5th and March 19th (LA)
8.       Independent Product Due Week of April 2nd (SS)
9.       Collaborative Product Proposal due Week of April 9th  (SS)
10.   Collaborative Product and 3 multiple choice questions Due May 1st  (SS)
11.   Present Collaborative Product  May 2nd and 3rd (SS)
12.   iHISTORY is on Friday, May 4th  (Homeroom)

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