Thursday, March 1, 2012

Post # 5

They were right when they said tool 5 was time consuming! I arbitrarily ended up chosing Extranormal and Prezi. I ended up liking what these programs had to offer to students.I can see how kids could spend an overwhelming amount of time with choosing every single detail...background,voice, character features,etc, but when they knew what was available to them they most probably would just pick their favorites.Lots of room for creativity and individualistic flair.
I liked the Prezi as well.It offered a cool way for kids to create a report, or product about any kind of content.I could see this being a much better way to do my food chain-food web stuff. It was fun to create the diagram with the arrows and so easy to manipulate. The kids would really love the freedom of it and the professional look that the product has when finished. Of course the other nice feature was the capability to print out  the newly created charts or diagrams.  

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