Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Post # 11

1. I did like the Prezi and Today's Meet. I think both of these tools would be an interesting and creative way for students to respond in the science classroom before, during or after a hands-on lab experiment.
2.The typical teacher's lesson plan of previous days has definately changed with the addition of technology into our daily plans.  More and more the normal daily lesson plan will embed some form of technology into each and every part of a lesson, whether it be just part of a beginning set activity, engaging students in knowledge acquisition, or using it to assess, reteach or extend student's learning and knowledge. As the world around us changes and morphs so quickly we will have to learn to implement new ideas using technology to continue to meet the needs of our student's today to be prepared and ready for the new world of tomorrow.
3.As I worked my way through each tool, I was happy to see that some programs that I visited I had already been familiar with, but I also realized just how many others were unfamiliar to me and the unbelievably huge number of new ones that are available. Trying to keep up with new ways to implement these and combining what I already know will be the challenge that I face today and every day in the future. I loved having technology goals of such implementation as a grade level goal this year because I know that I needed this extra support from my teammates . 

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  1. Marcia, you entered into this 11 Tools challenge with an open mind and the determination to finish strong. Your insightful postings have demonstrated your grasp of each tool, and your positive attitude toward embracing technology and your new devices will greatly benefit your students. Congratulations on a job well done!