Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Post # 10

1. Since the internet and technology are so embedded into our daily school and private lives, students need to understand the basics about being good digital citizens.The teaching of technology and the related digital citizenship that it requires to use it properly has become as important as any other subject area curriculum.  In order to get the full benefit of technology, student need to be taught the basic principles of digital citizenship.Only after learning these principles can students be expected to make correct ethical and educated decisions while using the technology tools to learn new things, research and share ideas, respond, blog, cooperatively collaborate work with others or simply just playing through the use of technology. 
2.Since the kids are very familiar with the Brainpop website offered at workstations, I will be able to do a refresher course on internet safety using a Brainpop video on this subject. The quiz offered at the end of the video will make it possible for me to reteach and assess my students' understanding of internet safety.
3 / 4. I know that digital citizenship was being taught in our classes this year and the students are very aware of the expectations of using technology for their learning and playing activities. The main content was taught at the beginning of the year so that students would be able to use the tools properly throughout the year.  It is important however to continue to reteach digital citizenship throughout the year as a refresher and support mechanism whenever a project is assigned that requires extensive research on the internet. I believe that the importance of teaching kids the appropriate way to use the internet tools should remain paramount in the eyes of a classroom teacher.With knowledge and proper training they can then become advocates for themselves on how to stay safe while using any technology tools. There are short videos available on safety and digital citizenship that could also be used with parents,so they would be able to support their children at home by understanding the basics of digital citizenship. Actually we do have a grade level website called Funky Five where we communicated to the parents where links to digital citizenship websites were posted for both kids and parents alike.

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