Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Post #4

I was able to send an already created document and share it. This could be an easy way to communicate with other teammates when at home,when someone is absent,etc.for all sorts of collaborative things. One thing that I not like about it was that one had to select either "edit" or "comment" status for each person that the document was shared with.This proved to be troublesome for the person that I shared it with because then after her comment was sent to me,I had to go in and change the settings after her name thus allowing her to now be able to edit the document. Kind of wierd that you couldn't check both of those boxes. Or maybe there is a way and I just couldn't figure it out.
Creating the form was very frustrating due to the format that was used. The words describing each line were so unclear as to what they wanted us to write.I had to toggle back and forth to view the results just so I could figure out how the form was going to look. And when I pressed "submit" the program told me that I had not finished question two.I did not want a question two.But I figured out a way to submit anyway.
Everyone in fifth already has a google apps account and they have all submitted their New Years Resolutions to me from a different class. This will be a great way for them to send completed work to any one of their teachers rom whatever class they happen to be in!

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