Monday, February 13, 2012

Post #3

(Wow... who wouldn't want these attached to your roof...as long as they gave you free energy who would care???)
I followed the directions at least 4 times over to finally create the Dropbox account. I think that I really am going to like this service of having everything update automatically to all of the pieces of technology that I have in the classroom,since they are used by over 100 children in any given day. And the more pieces of equipment that we get in our classroom ,the more times we will need to have copies and transfer of all work to every computer,ipad,etc. As long as this works, I can feel relaxed about not erasing or losing important pieces of work that I;ve researched.And children will feel happy knowing that their work is secure.


  1. We are just finished with fossil fuel energy sources and beginingalternative energy sources. I found this clip about a solar powered home and thought that it would be a good short intro about another use of solar power. (It's only about 4 min)

  2. Copyright laws and fair use laws are so important to teach to kids.Remind them that no one ,including both teachers or students,is allowed to merely copy entire works of published pieces.The two components to remember to teach kids are the key phrases to "repurpose" and to "add value".That basically means that they must use the information in a new original way not intended by the author and by adding their own information that will make the revised product unique to that child...hence their own product.