Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Post # 11

1. I did like the Prezi and Today's Meet. I think both of these tools would be an interesting and creative way for students to respond in the science classroom before, during or after a hands-on lab experiment.
2.The typical teacher's lesson plan of previous days has definately changed with the addition of technology into our daily plans.  More and more the normal daily lesson plan will embed some form of technology into each and every part of a lesson, whether it be just part of a beginning set activity, engaging students in knowledge acquisition, or using it to assess, reteach or extend student's learning and knowledge. As the world around us changes and morphs so quickly we will have to learn to implement new ideas using technology to continue to meet the needs of our student's today to be prepared and ready for the new world of tomorrow.
3.As I worked my way through each tool, I was happy to see that some programs that I visited I had already been familiar with, but I also realized just how many others were unfamiliar to me and the unbelievably huge number of new ones that are available. Trying to keep up with new ways to implement these and combining what I already know will be the challenge that I face today and every day in the future. I loved having technology goals of such implementation as a grade level goal this year because I know that I needed this extra support from my teammates . 

Post # 10

1. Since the internet and technology are so embedded into our daily school and private lives, students need to understand the basics about being good digital citizens.The teaching of technology and the related digital citizenship that it requires to use it properly has become as important as any other subject area curriculum.  In order to get the full benefit of technology, student need to be taught the basic principles of digital citizenship.Only after learning these principles can students be expected to make correct ethical and educated decisions while using the technology tools to learn new things, research and share ideas, respond, blog, cooperatively collaborate work with others or simply just playing through the use of technology. 
2.Since the kids are very familiar with the Brainpop website offered at workstations, I will be able to do a refresher course on internet safety using a Brainpop video on this subject. The quiz offered at the end of the video will make it possible for me to reteach and assess my students' understanding of internet safety.
3 / 4. I know that digital citizenship was being taught in our classes this year and the students are very aware of the expectations of using technology for their learning and playing activities. The main content was taught at the beginning of the year so that students would be able to use the tools properly throughout the year.  It is important however to continue to reteach digital citizenship throughout the year as a refresher and support mechanism whenever a project is assigned that requires extensive research on the internet. I believe that the importance of teaching kids the appropriate way to use the internet tools should remain paramount in the eyes of a classroom teacher.With knowledge and proper training they can then become advocates for themselves on how to stay safe while using any technology tools. There are short videos available on safety and digital citizenship that could also be used with parents,so they would be able to support their children at home by understanding the basics of digital citizenship. Actually we do have a grade level website called Funky Five where we communicated to the parents where links to digital citizenship websites were posted for both kids and parents alike.

Post # 9

1. It is important to tie technology to the daily science objectives because using an interactive way for students to express themselves or answer questions will ultimately lead to better retention of the concepts that are being taught .The students who are needing extra support with understanding a concept will be able to practice questions with that underlying concept in either a game type format or in a more formal question/answer type format.
2.Students need to understand the accountability factor when working in stations.If clear expectations are not set prior to them visiting the stations, they will not perform up to their personal best expectations and the time allowed for station activities will not be well spent.
3. Several websites that I have used in my classroom to enhance the science classes are Brainpop and a Food chain/food webbing website from www.zephyrus.com.I use Brainpop as a set activity before beginning a lesson . They are short and contain a great quiz at the end of each. These are also great short reviews for workstations for kids that dod not remember a concept or those that need extra reteaching.
4. These are 2 apps that I found that I can use in my classroom.
.ABA Flashcards-Earth Science 
Earth Science flash cards introduce students to a wide variety of science terms and images relating to our beautiful planet earth such as rocks, fossils, waterfalls, volcanos, mountains, seasons, etc. Each image is stimulating and memorable to hold your child’s attention and engage the mind.

Animoto Videos 
Turn the pictures on your iPod Touch into beautiful music videos!

Post #8

The fifth grade team is very excited to get these devices in our classrooms in the spring.  We have been thinking of many different ways to implement these tools in our classroom. 
Brainstorm list of ways we can implement our new technology tools:
1.  Math workstations
2.  Use as a center for our ELL students
3.  During our iHISTORY unit, students can use iPAD and Mini Dells to create technology based products about their distinguished Americans.
4.  Can be used as a research station for iHISTORY
5.  Download App for cursive writing and use as a station for handwriting practice.
6.  Can be used as an incentive for students on behavior plans
7.  Can be used as a science workstation for kids to have the opportunity to visit interactive science websites.
8.  Used as a tool for our teacher assistants when they are working with students in small group.
9.  Access to more computers will allow teachers to use Today's Meet during lessons across the curriculum.  This will provide students with the opportunity to share learning with one another.

Post #7

Project Title:  iHISTORY
Objective:  TLW collaborate with a peer from a different class about their distinguished Americans.  Using the research each person has gathered and teacher created documents; TLW will compare and contrast the two Americans. 
When:  We plan to implement this project the month of April to prepare for iHISTORY on May 4th.  In order to implement this collaborative project, the students will have the choice of using the following 21st Century Tools:  Xtranormal, Prezi, Blogger, Weebly, Google Docs, Todays Meet, Voki, Glogster, and any other teacher approved technology based idea. 
Plan:  Time line of iHISTORY:
1.       Introduce the idea in January in social studies.  (Week of January 9th)
2.       Topic is chosen in social studies week of February 6th
3.       Week of February 6th-Week of March 5th -  Research, take notes, write report
4.       Week of March 19th- Week of April 16th- Technology products in social studies class.
5.       Week of April 23rd- April 30th-  Preparing for day of iHISTORY
Due Dates for iHISTORY:
1.        Assign topics Week of February 6th   (SS)
2.       Research Questions and Note Check Week of February 13th     (LA)
3.       Outline Check Week of February 20th  (LA)
4.       Rough Draft Check Week of February 27th  (LA)
5.       Final Copy of Report Due Week of March 5th (LA)           
6.       Product Proposal Due Week of March 5th  (SS)
7.       Presentation of reports/ Connection response in WN Week of March 5th and March 19th (LA)
8.       Independent Product Due Week of April 2nd (SS)
9.       Collaborative Product Proposal due Week of April 9th  (SS)
10.   Collaborative Product and 3 multiple choice questions Due May 1st  (SS)
11.   Present Collaborative Product  May 2nd and 3rd (SS)
12.   iHISTORY is on Friday, May 4th  (Homeroom)

Post # 6

We have already used this tool in fifth grade as part of our weekly reminders that we send to all parents to give them one more way to be aware of what the coming week assignments and events will be. I also have added a section that will ask all the classes for their opinions on different labs that we've done as well as a section for "cool science websites". It has been a very successful and an easy way to communicate to students and parents. Parents have offered great feedback on using this website as an effective tool for them at home for keeping their student on track with assignments.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Post # 5

They were right when they said tool 5 was time consuming! I arbitrarily ended up chosing Extranormal and Prezi. I ended up liking what these programs had to offer to students.I can see how kids could spend an overwhelming amount of time with choosing every single detail...background,voice, character features,etc, but when they knew what was available to them they most probably would just pick their favorites.Lots of room for creativity and individualistic flair.
I liked the Prezi as well.It offered a cool way for kids to create a report, or product about any kind of content.I could see this being a much better way to do my food chain-food web stuff. It was fun to create the diagram with the arrows and so easy to manipulate. The kids would really love the freedom of it and the professional look that the product has when finished. Of course the other nice feature was the capability to print out  the newly created charts or diagrams.